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Praise be to Allah who says: "and say work, that Allah will observe your work and His Messenger and the believers .." And peace be upon the Prophet of mercy  Mohammed bin Abdullah and his family and companiaons and allies.. Since the beginning of the establishment of a commercial Almehdar-group in 1993, the group was able to find the values ​​and mod....

News and Activities

General Committee meeting of Al-burak express company

Wednesday 24 July 2013 - Private

The company approved the distribution of profits to shareholders

Attended by all partners Al-Burak Express Company helds its extraordinary meeting

Monday 25 February 2013 - Moved artical

Attended by all partners Al-Burak Express Company helds its extraordinary meeting


    Our company flys high with its customers by providing luxurious services and the most successful solutions related to transportations that not only meets their requirements and desires but exceeds …
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    Al-Burak Express Comapny Ltd. specializes in the work by the latest transport means, using the most accurate systems and the latest techniques and methods in management and administration, which impro…
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    All commercial activity that only bring money and material wealth is poor activity, the results should necessarily be measured by the level of customer satisfaction, confidence and benefits they gaine…
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The company fleet

Fleet of trucks transporting goods

Strongest and newest trucks to transport goods, and loads to and from the sea and land ports and unloading, storage, and dump trucks to transport sand and stones
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Heavy equipment transport fleet

The company uses a modern and growing fleet in the transportation of heavy equipment of various kinds, to serve the construction companies and oil service companies of all kinds, and excel at work pre…
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Fleet transportation of raw materials and oil

Al-Burak Express Company has a large fleet to transport crude oil, chemicals, and asphelt while maintaining the temperature for these products during the period of transportation
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Company Services

Transporting heavy equipment locally and globally Meet the needs of transfer  heavy equipment and machinery for drilling, exploration, construction companies, and constructio...


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